Town Hall


Town Hall has changed quite a bit over the past 85 years. Shortly after the Town was incorporated in 1913, the Town Council authorized the purchase of a fire engine and the construction of a building that would serve as an “engine house."

In 1924, a new Town Hall designed by architects Otto Lang and Frank Witchell was constructed next to the engine house along Hackberry Creek. This beautiful Spanish Colonial Revival style building featured the ornate entryway and tower that uniquely identify Town Hall. When it opened, the new Town Hall housed the Town offices and a public auditorium.

Fire Station

A new fire station was built in 1924 next to Town Hall. In 1930, an extension was added to house a library and an art gallery on the second floor. This addition ingeniously spanned Hackberry Creek so that the creek ran under the building.


Town Hall has undergone a number of renovations, both on a small and on a grand scale. Through the years, the auditorium was renovated to become office and meeting space and the art gallery was repurposed to become both a part of the library and the Town Council Chamber. Also during renovations, Town Hall and the Public Safety Building were connected. In 2003, the part of the complex housing the Department of Public Safety was demolished and replaced with a larger, more modern facility. In 2008, the Highland Park Library was extensively remodeled.

Most Recent Upgrades

In early 2012, the Town Council announced the Department of Public Safety and Town Hall Renovation Project. Schematics and elevation designs were approved, and construction began in Summer/Fall 2012. The project was completed in April 2014.

Library & Public Safety

The Highland Park Library is adjacent to Town Hall, and normal operating hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Also adjacent to Town Hall is the Highland Park Department of Public Safety. The dispatch office is open 24 hours-per-day.