MAY Titles for Adults

Celebrate Nature

Kortney's Pick

The Language of Flowers: A Fully Illustrated Compendium of Meaning, Literature, and Lore for the Modern Romantic
by Odessa Begay
This book serves as an introduction to floriology. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, and the index of flowers and their meanings helps as a quick reference and way to search the text. Discover a bit about mythology, popular culture, literature, and botany in regards to 50 types of flowers.

Laura's Pick

Cruise Ports Scandinavia & Northern Europe: A Guide to Perfect Days on Shore
When I think of nature, I think of traveling the world to see it.  This book is packed with travel tips of northern Europe, its landscape, and hidden gems of nature.

Nancy's Pick

Silent Kingdom: A World Beneath the Waves
Photography by Christian Vizl; introduction by Dr. Sylvia A. Earle; essays by Michael Aw, Ernie Brooks, David Doubilet, and Nora Torres
This book is an examination of marine animals, but the attraction for me is the stunning artistic black-and-white photography. Vizl’s dramatic control of light and contrast makes me pause to enjoy the patterns, rhythms, and motion in each image. I come away from the pages as from a symphony or dance performance, almost hypnotized by the aesthetic experience, and ready to observe nature in a new way.

Sarah's Pick

A Perfect Planet, DVD
This five-part series shows how the forces of nature support the Earth’s diversity of life.

Sharon's Pick

Vesper Flights: New and Collected Essays
by Helen MacDonald
In this book, English writer Helen MacDonald reflected on nature in many of the places she has visited around the world. She is very knowledgeable about identifying species of plants, animals, birds, and fish. She encourages her readers to enjoy the experiences of nature in these essays.

Stephanie's Pick

Gardens of the High Line: Elevating the Nature of Modern Landscapes
by Piet Oudolf
I absolutely loved learning how leading naturalistic landscape and garden designer Piet Oudolf transformed NYC’s High Line from a derelict industrial site into a stunning, internationally renowned public space. Plus, this month we have a fantastic program about Oudolf’s work and how to apply his design principles to our own gardens. This book is a great way to become acquainted with his work if you haven’t seen it already at Battery Park (NYC), Lurie Garden (Chicago), Serpentine Gallery (London), or many other places around the world.

Vanessa's Pick

Jane Eyre
by Charlotte Brontë
My all-time favorite book is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë; I don’t even know how many times I’ve read it now. Jane is such a strong and opinionated woman who stands her ground and refuses to back down, even when faced with class stratification, haunted manors, and braving the elements for days while wandering the moors. Ms. Brontë takes the time throughout the book to touch on the beauty of England’s countryside.

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