OCTOBER Titles for Adults

Leaf Through a Good Book


Courtney's Pick

Dreamscapes: Inspiration and Beauty in Gardens Near and Far
by Claire Takacs
This collection of photographs includes over sixty of the world’s most beautiful gardens.

Kortney's Pick

Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants
by Editors at Smithsonian and experts from The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Explore the beautiful and mysterious world that is the plant kingdom. This work features stunning botanical paintings, as well as unbelievable photographs. Quick fact: Did you know raffia palm tree leaves can grow to more than 82 feet in length? Check out Flora to learn even more interesting facts about the natural world.

Laura's Pick

100 Hikes of a Lifetime: The World's Ultimate Scenic Trails
by Kate Siber
Fall is a beautiful time for hiking and exploring nature. This book offers rich information and photos on some of the world's most fantastic hikes.

Nancy's Pick

The Complete Pattern Directory: 1500 Designs from All Ages and Cultures
by Elizabeth Wilhide
This amazing reference for design and decorative arts is also a visual feast for leisurely page-turning. Arranged into subjects within flora, fauna, geometric, pictorial, and abstract patterns, I started with the 20 pages of leaf designs for wallpaper, textiles, ceramic tiles, and quilt blocks, but I couldn’t stop! Brief profiles of designers and detailed explanations of styles enhance this primarily pictorial book. All images are indexed by date, designer, and country of origin.  

Randall's Pick

The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate
by Peter Wohlleben
Drawing upon groundbreaking scientific research, Wohlleben reveals a fascinating world hiding in plain sight. Also available as a downloadable eBook on hoopla.

Sandy's Pick

Van Gogh and the Seasons
by Sjraar Van Heugten
Journey through all four seasons with the post-impressionistic works of Vincent Van Gogh.  Alongside Van Gogh's depictions of nature cycling through its phases, Van Heugten has included poetry and prose, as well as works from other artists that inspired the Dutch Master.  This collection will give readers insights into the mind of one of history's greatest artists.

Vanessa's Pick

Let’s Make Ramen!: A Comic Book Cookbook
by Hugh Amano
CHOP! COOK! YUM! This fun and unique cookbook is packed with mouthwatering illustrations and helpful tips for cooking ramen. With fall and the impending chilly weather just around the corner, these recipes are sure to warm you up!

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