September Titles for Adults

Let Your Imagination Sing


Courtney's Pick

Opera: The Definitive Illustrated Story
by Alan Riding
Immerse yourself in the musical history of the most influential composers and performers of all time. 

Kortney's Pick

The Artist's Manual: The Definitive Art Sourcebook--Media, Materials, Tools, and Techniques 
Get your imagination soaring and singing with this title. It has everything you need to enjoy your craft to the fullest and to take your creativity to the next level. Drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, 3D printing, and more are introduced and explored through professional tips. There is even a section on book art, which includes book sculpture and altering books as mixed-media art pieces. Imagine what you could create!

Laura's Pick

Craft Your Own Happy: A Collection of 25 Creative Projects to Craft Your Way to Mindfulness
Imagine beautiful new ideas and projects for your home with a bit of mindful crafting.

Nancy's Pick

Bel Canto
by Ann Patchett
Also available as a downloadable ebook
Become instantly immersed in this wonderful Ann Patchett novel that explores opera, music, language and time when an elegant dinner party becomes a hostage situation.

Randall's Pick

Agent Josephine: American Beauty, French Hero, British Spy
by Damien Lewis
Meticulously researched, Lewis’ blend of biography and wartime-history offers an illuminating portrait of the celebrated performer.

Sandy's Pick

What if you were the only one who remembers the iconic music of The Beatles?  Jack, a struggling busker, finds himself in this very situation and ends up facing an even bigger question; what is more important: fame, the music, or happiness? 

Vanessa's Pick

Walk The Line
This film follows country singer Johnny Cash through his difficult life and his rise to fame. Jam-packed with his best hits, this movie is sure to have you crying and dancing.

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