JANUARY Titles for Young People

Blockbuster Reads

Courtney's Pick

The Wizards of Once
by Cressida Cowell
This is the first book of four in this high fantasy series, which would be perfectly suited for a film series.

Kortney's Pick

Gregor the Overlander
by Suzanne Collins
Gregor and his toddler sister begin an epic quest in the Underland and discover prophecies, enemies, and allies. While reading this adventure, fantasy title, which is the first in a series by the author of The Hunger Games, I found myself imaging what a world underneath New York City might look like. I would love to compare my thoughts to those of Hollywood set designers and special effects experts. 

Laura's Pick

The False Prince
by Jennifer A. Nielsen
I would love to see this award-winning book turn into a movie.  It’s the kind of medieval fantasy everyone enjoys: packed with sword duels, danger, and a clever plot to install an impersonating prince on the throne. 

Nancy's Pick

It Fell From the Sky
Terry Fan and Eric Fan
I would love to see a filmmaker take on the detailed realism and invertebrate whimsy of the Fan brothers’ creation, with its magical combination of black and white with color. Who will voice the spider, frog, luna moth, and stink bug?

Randall's Pick

The Ruin of Kings
by Jenn Lyons
Also available as downloadable eAudio on hoopla.
Perfect for fans of epic fantasy, The Ruin of Kings has political intrigue, plot twists, and even dragons. It should do well as a TV series if it can make it out of development.

Sandy's Pick

by Lorena Alvarez
If Disney/Pixar/Ghibli knew about Lorena Alvarez they would already be working on the animation for this graphic novel's movie adaptation. The main character is adorably relatable, and the imaginative world building would blend beautifully into film.

Vanessa's Pick

Spy School 
by Stuart Gibbs
Ben Ripely's dream job is to be a spy for the CIA; unfortunately for him his awkward and nerdy personality DOES NOT scream suave spy. So when Ben gets recruited to join a secret school for spies that is posing as a prestigious science school, he is not surprised to find out that there has been a case of mistaken identity. Still Ben is determined to do whatever it takes to become a supercool spy, the kind that always gets the girl! Spy School follows Ben on his hilarious misadventures throughout his first year at the Academy of Espionage!

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