JUNE Titles for Young People

Oceans of Possibilities

Courtney's Pick

The Ocean In Your Bathtub
by Seth Fishman
This informative picture book explains how the ocean affects our daily lives, and teaches us that we can help to preserve the ocean and its inhabitants through small changes.

Kortney's Pick

Do Penguins Have Emotions?: World Book Answers Your Questions About the Oceans and What's in Them
by Madeline King
If only this book was around when my kids were younger. This title has answers to many of the why questions about oceans and sea life, including "Why is the ocean blue?," Why is the ocean salty?," Why can I hear the ocean in a seashell?," and many others. And if you are wondering, yes, penguins do have emotions.

Laura's Pick

Water - A Deep Dive of Discovery
Filled with rich illustrations, this interactive book presents readers with amazing facts, stories, and legends on the world of water.

Nancy's Pick

Build it! Sea life: Make Supercool Models with Your Favorite LEGO Parts
by Jennifer Kemmeter
So many possibilities! I can’t decide whether to build the coral reef, the octopus, or the walrus first! I could create a whole LEGO ocean diorama. This book is part of a series that also includes robots, dinosaurs, and things that fly, with loads of cool ideas for summer break fun.

Randall's Pick

I am the Shark
by Joan Holub
Colorful illustrations bring each shark species to life in this humorous, fact-filled picture book.

Sandy's Pick

Little Master Melville: Moby-Dick: An Ocean Primer (a BabyLit Book)
by Jennifer Adams
Your little ones can learn about the ocean and the history of the whaling industry with this colorful board book, which includes quotes from the original text.

Vanessa's Pick

The Big Book of the Blue  
by Yuval Zommer
This is the 3rd installment in Yuval Zommer’s Big Book series. This book has trivia galore about the creatures of the sea; detailing their physical characteristics, life cycles, and behaviors. Zommer’s illustrations bring to life some of the slipperiest, scaliest, strangest, and most monstrous underwater animals in this charming book.  

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