March Titles for Young People

Kortney's Pick

Swimming with Sharks: The Daring Discoveries of Eugenie Clark - Biography
by Heather Lang
This picture book biography focuses on the life and work of Eugenie Clark, also known as "The Shark Lady." As a child, I was fascinated by the ocean and its inhabitants, especially sharks. Ms. Clark's research and study of sharks was groundbreaking. This book, through its illustrations and text, instills a sense of wonder about sharks and inspires readers to learn more about Eugenie Clark.

Laura's Pick

When Spring Comes - Realistic Fiction
by Kevin Henkes
Henkes' picture books make the best story time reads, with beautifully soft illustrations and a flowing text, as well as a story to match the illustrations. When Spring Comes is about patiently waiting for the cold, snowy winter to melt into spring blooms and green leaves.

Nancy's Pick

My Side of the Mountain - Historical Fiction
by Jean Craighead George
One of my favorite children’s book ever, I’ve read it at many ages whenever I feel that urge to run away from home and live in a tree. Sam Gribley, the Baron weasel, and Frightful the trained falcon are a wonderful antidote. Maybe I can read it to my grandchildren when travel becomes possible again.

Sarah's Pick

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea - Fantasy
by Ben Clanton
Narwhal, the narwhal, meets a friend while exploring. Along the way, they meet more friends that all look different than they do. Be sure to learn the Narwhal song as well!

Sharon's Pick

Sophie's Squash - Realistic Fiction
by Pat Zietlow Miller and Annie Wilsdorf
Sophie finds a wonderful squash at the farmers' market. Sophie names it Bernice and decides they will be friends. They go everywhere together. This is a fun story of what happens in the different seasons of the life of the squash and Sophie. 

Stephanie's Pick

Tuesday - Fantasy
by David Wiesner
I adore Wiesner's wordless picture books because they're perfect for any age. Even as an adult, I love pouring over his detailed illustrations and imagining all the untold stories behind them. Tuesday was magical to me as a child, and it still is -- who doesn't enjoy seeing frogs live their best lives on flying lily pads? 

Vanessa's Pick

Eyes that Kiss in the Corners - Realistic Fiction
by Joanna Ho
When a girl notices that her eyes look different from the rest of her classmates, instead of comparing and focusing on their differences she decides to find the beauty and magic in the similarities she shares with the women in her family. With its lyrical phrases and heart-warming illustrations, this book lifted my spirits and left me with tears in my eyes.

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