November Titles for Young People

When Leaves Fall, Books Call

Courtney's Pick

Slow Down: 50 Mindful Moments in Nature
by Rachel Williams
50 seasonal moments are savored with gentle storytelling and lush illustrations. This collection of stories encourage mindfulness and an appreciation for overlooked marvels in nature. 

Kortney's Pick

The Red Jacket
by Bob Holt
Bob the Seagull goes on a journey boosted by the confidence a new red jacket, with fries in the pockets no less, gives him. The real discovery is that Bob doesn't need a red jacket to make friends; he just needs to be himself. 

Randall's Pick

Blanket: Journey to Extreme Coziness
This title is a delightful and heartwarming book that celebrates the power of imagination and the importance of finding safety and comfort – before metamorphosing into something greater. Brantz's illustrations are whimsical and expressive, and they perfectly capture the feeling of being wrapped up in a cozy blanket.

Sandy's Pick

Sweater Weather 
by Matt Phelan 
My favorite part of Fall is SWEATERS!  Papa Bear may not love sweaters quite like I do, especially after wrestling his litter of cubs into their own woolen wear.  But this adorable picture book makes it very clear that he DOES love his cubs. 

Vanessa's Pick

Knitty Kitty
by David Elliott
What could Knitty Kitty be knitting? Something to keep three mischievous kittens toasty and comfy, of course. But after the snow falls and the moon comes up and it’s bedtime for kittens everywhere, what will keep them all warm and snug? Find out together in this cozy read-aloud!

Victoria's Pick

The Tea Dragon Society 
by Katie O'Neill
This title follows Greta, a young girl who attempts to learn the dying art of caring for Tea Dragons and finds a surprising truth about the nature of time, friendship, and memories.  O'Neill's warm and soft art style, combined with her gentle characters, make this a perfectly cozy read for autumn.

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