September Titles for Young People

Let Your Imagination Sing

Courtney's Pick

The Arts: A Visual Encyclopedia
by Susie Hodge
Be inspired by the some of the most famous and beloved works of art.

Kortney's Pick

What if...
by Samantha Berger; illustrated by Mike Curato
Materials with which to create and express ourselves are everywhere, as this incredible picture book teaches. The illustrations also reinforce the limitlessness of creativity by using mixed-media collages, including shavings of wood, a dirt and marble solar system, origami, sugar cubes, and more. Be inspired and go make your own creations a reality. 

Laura's Pick

Mouse Paint
by Ellen Stoll Walsh
This book explores and celebrates the world of color, imagination, and creativity!

Nancy's Pick

A Baby Sister for Frances
by Russell Hoban, pictures by Lillian Hoban
Frances the badger is a truly marvelous creator of songs for all occasions. My favorite has always been: “When the wasps and the bumblebees have a party, nobody comes that can’t buzz…"

Randall's Pick

Paletero Man
by Lucky Diaz
From Latin Grammy-winning musician Lucky Diaz, this bright, colorful picture book is the perfect way to celebrate the last days of summer. Also available as a downloadable eBook on hoopla.

Sandy's Pick

A History of Music for Children
by Mary Agnes Richards
This adorably illustrated children’s book brings music history to life. Whether it is drawing a correlation between the very first musicians, birds, to reggae artist Bob Marley or introducing you to the different types of instruments; there is something for every aspiring musician to learn.

Vanessa's Pick

A Fox Found a Box 
by Ged Adamson
One day in the forest Fox finds a box. But not just any box, a box that plays music! Follow along as Fox and his friends discover the music of the forest all around them.

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