Love Field Noise Complaints

Image of Dallas Love Field building with Noise Abatement text

General Information

Dallas Love Field is located in a noise-sensitive area of Dallas near residential neighborhoods including Highland Park. It is important to the Town’s residents that the airport be operated in a manner that allows it to protect and preserve the quality of life for our residents while fulfilling its role of providing air travel services. You can also view a very informative, short video produced by the FAA that explains Dallas Love Field's Air Traffic Operations. (Link will redirect to YouTube.)

Addressing Noise Issues

Addressing the impact of aircraft noise is an ever present and high priority for the Town. An integral part of the overall approach to noise control at Dallas Love Field is communication between the various parties involved in developing, monitoring, and improving the program.

The Town is active in:

To reach Dallas Love Field by mail correspondence:

City of Dallas
Department of Aviation - Environmental
7555 Lemmon Avenue
Dallas, TX 75209

Our Commitment

The Town remains committed to pursuing current and additional measures aimed at decreasing aircraft noise over our community. Please contact Town Hall at 214-521-4161, for the latest developments in this endeavor or with any questions you may have.

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