What is the effect on Highland Park direct customers?

While there are still a few alarm subscribers who transmit their alarm signals through commercial phone lines, the vast majority of Highland Park alarm subscribers use dedicated cellular transmitters (radios) that transmit over commercial alarm networks maintained by any one of these five providers; Alarm.com, AlarmNet (Resideo), Starlink (Napco), Telguard, and Uplink (Resideo).  These providers have already stopped selling 3G/CDMA radios, and if a 3G/CDMA radio is deactivated, it must be replaced with a 5G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) radio.

Any cellular customers who have not migrated to the new devices before the sunset dates will lose service.  As those dates approach, customers with 3G/CDMA devices can expect to experience slow transmission rates that will inevitably increase emergency response times as well as communications failures.  Many Highland Park subscribers and commercial subscribers who don’t use Direct Monitoring have already experienced diminished service because there are fewer 3G cell sites.  Many Highland Park Direct Monitoring subscribers have already upgraded their radios to 5G/LTE devices that are compatible with the emerging technology.

Any subscribers who have not upgraded their systems by replacing their radios by the sunset dates will lose their alarm service.  Their alarm systems will not be able to contact Highland Park or any other alarm monitoring station.

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