From the Code of Criminal Procedure, Texas Crime Victim’s Compensation Act, Chapter 56, Sub-chapter B

  • Purpose: To compensate residents of the United States who suffer personal injury or death as the result of a violent crime, including driving while intoxicated (DWl), failure to stop and render aid, and certain other vehicular crimes.
  • Administered By: the Attorney General's Office, Crime Victims' Com­pensation Division, Austin, Texas


  • Victims who suffer bodily injury, emotional harm, or death as a result of a violent crime
  • U.S. residents who become victims of crime in Texas, and Texas residents who become victims of crime in a state or country without comparable compensation
  • Family members of those victims and people who voluntarily assume expenses related to the crime
  • To be eligible, victims and claimants cannot share responsibility for the crime, and must report the crime and cooperate with law enforcement agencies in the investigation and prosecution of the crime.

How to Apply

Applications must be filed within three years of the crime. This time may be extended for good cause, and does not apply if the victim is a child. Child victims have until they are 21 to submit an application.

Applications may be obtained by calling the Dallas County Dis­trict Attorney Victim Witness Division, or the Highland Park Department of Public Safety Victim Assistance Liaison. You will be provided the application form and required documentation. They will send the claim to the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Division and notify service providers that a claim has been applied for and is pending. Please allow us to assist you in obtaining these victim's benefits.