Town Hall and DPS Renovation Project

New Department of Public Safety & Town Hall Buildings

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Town Hall Renovation Project was completed in April 2014.


The project provides much needed updates for town staff and services including:

  • Enhancing public accessibility and ensuring ADA compliance to office areas
  • Updating DPS communications equipment
  • Providing improvements to the jail area
  • Improving records storage capability and adequacy of offices
  • Increasing utilization of land with a full basement while providing flood protection from the adjacent creek and
  • Reducing costs by improving the energy and lighting efficiency of the building
Front Elevation of Building


The new Town Hall reflects the current Spanish Colonial design and maintain its elegance and branding. The renovation enhances the plaza while keeping with the overall building design. The project increased elevation to the building while not increasing its footprint. The overall cost for the renovation is $13.8 million.