Animal Control

Small yorkie sitting in flowers

Animal Control, housed under HPDPS, works to enforce all town ordinances pertaining to the care of animals within the town limits. Concerns of animal abuse, loose animals, or any other animal concern may be reported 24 hours a day by contacting the Highland Park DPS Communications Center at 214-521-5000.

Pet Registration and Annual License

Pet Registration and annual licensing is required for all animals three months of age and older. An informational letter and registration form (PDF) is available online for download. 

Lost Pets

If you have lost a pet, please contact the Highland Park DPS Communications Center to check if Animal Control has impounded the animal. If the animal has not been impounded, we will collect the pertinent information related to the lost pet and log the information in the Communications Center. You may also call if you have found an animal and want them picked up for impoundment. Prior to impoundment we will attempt to locate the owner of the animal. You may also report a lost/found pet online.  

Impounded Animals

The Animal Control Department uses Medallion Animal Clinic to board impounded animals picked up within the city limits. If you have lost a pet, you may contact Medallion, at 214-369-4997, to check if the animal has been impounded.

Live Animal Traps

Animal Control also has a limited amount of live animal traps available for assisting residents who need them. You may request one by leaving your contact information on the Animal Control voice mailbox at 214-559-9325. The Animal Control officer will contact you and let you know if one is available and when it can be delivered to you.