Urban Wildlife in Highland Park

There are numerous mammals, birds, and reptiles that are native to the Dallas area. It is not uncommon to see different varieties around Highland Park, some of which you may assume only live near open fields and waterways. Time periods vary, but generally the urban wildlife calls to HPDPS dispatch center around squirrels, baby birds, raccoons, opossums, and coyotes.

The DFW Wildlife Coalition is a public education and outreach organization that aims to reduce the incidence of orphaned or euthanized native wildlife in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Their website offers helpful information ranging from:

  • I found a baby mammal, now what?
  • Solving problems with squirrels.
  • Solving problems with opossums.
  • I found a baby bird, now what?
  • General Coyote Information.

Many of the questions you may have regarding urban wildlife are answered online, or you may reach out to them at 972-234-9453.

Reporting a sick or injured animal

If you observe an animal that appears to be sick or injured, you may report your observations to the HPDPS non-emergency number, 214-521-5000, or 9-1-1 in an emergency. Common signs/symptoms of animals that are sick can include:

  • poor muscle coordination
  • labored breathing
  • heavy salivation
  • nocturnal animal out during daytime hours (a raccoon is a good example)
  • Seizures

Animal control calls are handled by a HPDPS patrol officer. HPDPS officers have received training on urban wildlife, their normal/non-normal behaviors, and signs/symptoms the animal is sick.