Payment Plans

Payment Plans

A defendant may request a payment plan at the Court Clerk’s window prior to the scheduled hearing date under the following conditions:

1) the defendant has not previously defaulted on a payment plan ordered by the Court;

2) the defendant does not have a pending warrant for arrest.

3) The defendant affirms and confirms with signature the Financial Affirmation (PDF).

If a defendant does not qualify to receive a payment plan at the Court Clerk’s window, requests for a payment plan must be made before the Judge when the Court is in session.

A defendant who receives a payment plan must comply with the following payment plan guidelines:

  • The defendant pays a payment of $25 each offense at the time of the payment plan is requested (up to a maximum of $100)
  • If the defendant does not pay the full balance within 30 days, a $15.00 time-payment fee will be added to each pending case pursuant to the Local Government Code § 133.103.
  • Once a defendant enters a payment plan, no additional extensions to pay the fine(s) will be granted at the Court Clerk’s window. Requests for extensions of a payment plan must be made before the Judge when Court is in session.

If the defendant fails to comply with the payment plan and is not granted an extension from the Court to dispose of the case, the Court may issue a warrant for the arrest of the defendant.

Questions about payment plans: Contact the Highland Park Municipal Court directly at 214-559-9303