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Request a Watering Variance from Twice-A-Week Watering

  1. The Variance Provides Relief From Twice-a-Week Watering Only*
  2. The Variance is Valid for 30 Days Only*
  3. Provide petition details, including the following: 

    • Purpose of water use.
    • A detailed statement of the adverse effect of the provision from which relief is requested.
    • Description of the relief requested.
    • Alternative measures that will be taken to reduce water use. 
    • Other  pertinent information.
    • If you would like to include your landscaping plan or other attachments, you may email the attachments to Tempest Brunson. 
  4. FAQ

    Requests are generally approved or declined within three (3) business days of receipt. The response will be sent to the email provided in the request.  

    If you have further questions you may email Tempest Brunson, or call (214) 559-9372. 

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