Being A Proactive Neighbor

Being a proactive neighbor when considering a building project

  • Contact the adjacent neighbors (within a min. 200 ft from your property) during conceptual design to receive feedback, interests, or concerns for the proposed project.
  • Prior to the submission of the building permit application, invite the adjacent neighbors to comment on the project.
  • Provide property owner and contractor contact information to all neighbors so that they may inquire about the project.
  • Provide clean, detailed, and legible plan documents for construction review.
  • Consider an artistic rendering of the proposed building project to facilitate understanding of what is to be constructed.
  • Inform adjacent neighbors as to potential disruptions during construction such as: project timeline, noise, construction parking, dust control, trash and debris, storage of materials and contractor contact information so these disruptions can be minimized.
  • Keep in contact with adjacent neighbors throughout duration of project to minimize complaints.