Warning Detection Signs

Flood Early Warning System

The Town of Highland Park has installed a Flood Early Warning System in the area of St. John’s/Wycliff/Lakeside/ and Fitzhugh. The System is designed to alert drivers when the sensors indicate rising waters, which may impact travel in this area as further explained below.

Why did the Town install the System?

This System provides a detection alert with flashing lighted signs for drivers when the water reaches a certain level near the intersection of St. Johns / Wycliffe / Lakeside / Fitzhugh to dissuade drivers from approaching the intersection.      

What does the System entail?

The System includes the installation of detection alert sensors that automatically activate flashing lights at nine identified locations (see attached exhibit – six in Highland Park and three in Dallas).  The reflective warning signs and flashing beacons are designed to draw the public’s attention to the road condition advising the road ahead is closed.  The signs will start flashing when activated from remote monitoring of the water level of Turtle Creek.  The Town of Highland Park also receives remote monitoring information through a web-based application.

What does it mean when the lights start flashing?

Flashing lights indicate that water is rising in Turtle Creek and either may or already has crossed roadways in the area.  Motorists should use caution when the lights are flashing, and the roadway should be considered closed.  Once triggered, the lights will stop flashing when water has receded.

siamond shaped yellow sign with black letters and flashing light above and below the sign