Sanitation Receptacles

Care and Maintenance

  • Tips for Poly Cart Care and Maintenance
  • Keep poly cart lid closed at all times to prevent any accumulation of water.
  • Solid waste placed in the poly cart must be contained in either plastic or paper bags to help prevent odors and litter.
  • Do not put landscape waste, construction debris, hot ashes, oil, corrosive solvents, pool chemicals, car batteries, or other hazardous substances in the poly cart.
  • Do not overload the poly cart. The maximum weight is 200 pounds of solid waste per poly cart.
  • Residents are responsible for keeping the poly cart clean.
  • The solid waste poly cart and recycling bin shall remain the property of the Town of Highland Park and shall not be removed from the property when changing residences.
  • Residents shall promptly notify the Highland Park Sanitation Department at (214) 521-4161 in the event their poly cart or recycling bin is stolen or damaged.

Placement of carts and bins

  • Alley, paved alley adjacent to residence - please place residential solid waste poly carts and recycling bins within two feet (2’) of the paved alley to assure collection.
  • Easement, if no paved alley adjacent to residence:
    • Please place residential solid waste poly carts behind the front building line at a collection point that provides a safe and unrestricted access with a minimum width of five feet (5’) of ground clearance to service the poly cart.
    • Please place recycling bins on the parkway.