Health and Medicine

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Alt HealthWatch -A full-text alternative health research database focused on complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness. Subjects include acupuncture, aromatherapy, childbirth, Chinese medicine, chiropractic, herbalism, homeopathy, nutrition, and osteopathy.  
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Consumer Health Complete - The single most comprehensive resource for consumer-oriented health content, it is designed to support patients' information needs and foster an overall understanding of health-related topics. 
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Gale Health and Wellness - Search a full range of health-related issues, from current disease and disorder information to alternative medical practices.
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Gale OneFile: Gender Studies - Discover balanced coverage of topics related to gender studies, family and marital issues, and more.
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Gale OneFile: Health and Medicine - Find up-to-date information on a range of health care topics. Best for students, researchers, and health care professionals.
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Gale OneFile: Nursing and Allied Health - Research full-text titles cited in CINAHL and other resources to support specialized care, treatment, and patient management.
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Gale OneFile: Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine - Access academic journals and magazines covering the fields of physical therapy, physical fitness, and sports medicine.
gale-onefile-psychology Opens in new windowGale OneFile: Psychology - Find authoritative periodical content supporting research in all fields of psychology.
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Health Source: Consumer Edition - Provides access to nearly 80 full-text, consumer health magazines, including American Fitness, Better Nutrition, Harvard Health Letter, Men's Health, Muscle & Fitness, Prevention, Vegetarian Times, and many others. 
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Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition - Provides researchers, allied health professionals, nurses, and medical educators with access to full-text scholarly journals focusing on many medical disciplines.  
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MEDLINE - Provides authoritative medical information on medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, pre-clinical sciences, and much more. Created by the National Library of Medicine, MEDLINE allows users to search citations from over 4,800 current biomedical journals.