2018 Library Master Plan

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Inspiring a New Chapter:  
Preserving the Best of the Past While Providing the Best of the Future

Highland Park Harvey R. "Bum" Bright Library
"Your Connection to Lifelong Learning"


Beginning in 2017, the Town of Highland Park set out to develop a Master Plan for the Highland Park Harvey R. “Bum” Bright Library to provide direction for future library services, broaden the Library’s appeal, and increase resident participation. The Plan project engaged Town residents and utilized the services of The Ivy Group, Ltd., a consultancy with expertise in library services, programs, technologies, and collections.

The goal was to study Library operations, discover the needs and wishes of community residents and stakeholders, and determine the appropriateness of incorporating trending library services and programs into the Library’s plans for the future.

Master Plan Project Components

HPL Cards ImageIn the course of the Plan project, The Ivy Group and Town staff consulted and compiled research and community engagement feedback from numerous initiatives, including a market segmentation study, a benchmarking study, executive interviews, focus groups, a Town Hall Meeting, an online survey, and discussions with and visits to innovative libraries.

This community input and research was invaluable in developing a document outlining the first steps to be taken over the next two to three years. The document, titled “Inspiring a New Chapter:  Preserving the Best of the Past While Providing the Best of the Future,” articulates the new forward-thinking vision for and mission of the Library. Please download a copy of the document here or visit the Library to receive a printed copy.

Five Strategic Areas of Focus 

The “Inspiring a New Chapter” document highlights five prospective areas of strategic focus for the Library:

     1.  Back to Basics:  Building the Framework for a High-Performing Future

     2.  Customer Service:  Delivering Excellence and Welcome Surprises

     3.  Service to Children, Tweens, and Teens:  Connecting with the Next Generations

     4.  Branding and Marketing:  Amplifying the Message

     5.  A Library Without Walls:  Leveraging Virtual and External Assets

By faithfully adhering to the Plan’s five areas of focus and the related tasks that will bring them to fruition, the Library will become more fully a place that inspires its users’ own creativity and discovery. It will thereby ensure its continuing relevance and value to the community as a resource for lifelong learning. 

Such has been the Library’s aim and its role throughout its history. From the beginnings of the Library in 1924 with the Highland Park Society of Arts, through the 2008 renovation of the Library, to the present, the community has shown its commitment to the educational, cultural, and research needs of Town residents. We hope you find that the information, ideas, and projects in this document present an exciting direction for the future of library services, which will continue the tradition of citizen engagement and love of knowledge that makes the Town such a wonderful place to call home.

Your Connection to Lifelong Learning 

HPL Zoo Program ImageLibrary staff is honored to be a part of making the Library the community’s “Connection to Lifelong Learning.” We wish to thank all who participated in this planning endeavor and its community engagement initiatives. Many Town residents contributed their time and talent to this project—in itself a demonstrable tribute to the Library’s central role in the life of Highland Park and to the civic commitment of those who live here.

Questions or Comments?

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