Resident Only Parking

Resident-Only Parking Program Permit Application

Residents living in the following locations may now apply for a Resident-Only parking permit for their vehicles:

  1. 4200 Livingston Avenue
  2. 4300 Livingston Avenue
  3. 5100 Sewanee Avenue
  4. 5300 Sewanee Avenue

Permit applications may be submitted in one of three ways:

  1. 1) By Mail: Print and complete the parking permit applications from the links below:
    1. 4200 Livingston Avenue (PDF)
    2. 4300 Livingston Avenue (PDF)
    3. 5100 Sewanee Avenue (PDF)
    4. 5300 Sewanee Avenue (PDF)

      Send To:
      Town of Highland Park
      Attn: Wendy Santos
      4700 Drexel Drive
      Highland Park, TX75205
  2. By Hand: Permit application forms may be dropped off at the HPDPS administrative offices located on the second floor of Town Hall.
  3. Online: - For all addresses, you may fill out and submit your parking permit application online.

The applicable Town Ordinance, Residential Only Parking Permit Area, Number 1976, is available online for review. Helpful information such as parking regulations, permits for guests, permits for construction vehicles, signage and enforcement are addressed in the Town Ordinance.

 Temporary Permits: Issuance of Guest and Temporary Permits

A resident may obtain unlimited temporary parking permits at no charge for guests for a special event or occasion. The issuance of temporary parking permits is at the direction of the Director. To obtain temporary guest permits, the resident must submit an application to Highland Park DPS not less than 24 hours or more than 72 hours (excluding weekends and official Town holidays) before the event. Such application shall include a description of the event, its duration, and the anticipated number of guests. Temporary permits expire based on the length of the event as provided thereon. In no case shall a temporary parking permit be valid for more than 30 days. You may submit the form online.

Temporary Permits: Issuance of Construction/Contractor Vehicles

Companies or contractors in need of a temporary permit for construction vehicles may submit an application by mail or in-person by using the address and location from steps one and two above. Use this link for downloadable application form (PDF).

Online: You may also submit the permit request online.

For assistance, email Wendy Santos, or contact her by phone 214-559-9456.